Cbd181 Team

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Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson is a active writer of a well known online magazin. He has mastered in various kinds of drugs analysis. He expertises in cbd drug and writes about cbd for our team.
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez has completed her graduation in biochemistry and expertises in cannabis circuitry. She writes news-stories on cannabis for our team. She also writes blogs in her free time.
Noah Harris
Noah Harris is a editor-in-chief of cbd181.com. He started his career as a freelance writer. He writes on topics like health care. He loves reading medical magazines.
William Martin
William Martin is a senior drug analyst of cbd181.com. He has 10 years of experience with our team. He specializes in Vape and Hemp drugs. He loves travelling to new places and exploring new things.
Jayden Thompson
Jayden Thompson is a senior journalist at cbd181.com. He has also researched on hemp drug and writes blogs to make people aware about its benefits. he is an avid traveller.